Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beach combing

The Oregon coast seems to change a lot. With the storms coming and going and the tides doing the same, the shifts around a lot. Currently the sand has diminished somewhat causing more rocks and Agates to be uncovered.

I noticed several people picking up rocks and asked one what was to be found. He showed me a handful of agates he had picked up. Cool! Where are they? Mostly in amongst the rocks he told me. So I started looking around and found several myself.

Agates are nice, but it seems to me that other rocks are nice too. So I started walking the beaches and collecting agates and interesting rocks.

Now, What to do with them. Hmm. I'll let ya know.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I need to develope better writing habits.

When did I start this blog? October of last year. Hmm. This is only my second post. Guess a good writing class would be in order. Not sure where to start. I Googled writing tutorial last night and found the usual mix of good and not so good stuff.

The problem is, I have several blogs out there in cyberspace that I started at one time or another but never really developed any one. Maybe I should pick one and put more effort into it. Not sure which to choose. Does it really matter? No one but me will ever read it. Well, maybe it would be good to practice in silence. but what's the fun of that?

Any suggestions?
Thanks. Ken.