Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Many Diets.

Added a new page to called Diets. This page compares some of the popular diets. The idea is to get people to examine different diets to see which fits the best. Everybody is different so it would seem that not everyone would do well on the same diet.

In my case grains and dairy cause joint pains and aggravated seasonal allergies. Glutenous grains are especially bad for me. My wife also has problems with grains and dairy foods, different symptoms. This is only a sample size of 2 but it still makes me wonder how many other folks have similar food sensitivities and don't know it. Yes, I love breads and such but the body complains if I eat that stuff. We are both trending toward the Paleo diet. Lots of fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, chicken. Just not dairy, grains, or legumes. Oh, we also need a lot of willpower.

Good health to you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barefoot walk

Last summer Cathy and I started barefoot walking. Our son Sean started barefootin and talked us into it. Sigh, the stuff our kids get us into. Anyway when the weather cooled off and got wet last fall our shoes stayed on but we really missed barefootin. Yesterday afternoon with temps in the 50s and the sun shining warm we went for a walk and decide to try our feet bare again. Only the last several blocks, need to toughen up again. How nice! The sun had warmed up the ground to a perfect temperature and we were in bliss!  We both realized how much we missed walking barefoot. This from a couple in our 60s? I think we are getting younger.

Barefoot walking and running is actually very healthful and beneficial in many ways. Guess what. We were born that way! After years of wearing shoes of various poor design our feet and also our whole body gets more and more deformed. High heals are just one example. With all the padding and heel cushioning shoes have people tend to land heel first whether walking or running. When barefoot we tend to land on the front part of the foot which has natural shock absorption. This may help to reduce some leg and back problems. There is also the benefit of grounding. Grounding? Connection to the Earth is naturally healthy. Good Chi, Schumann Resonance and just feel goodedness.

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