Thursday, December 16, 2010

December walk on the beach.

December is normally the rainy season in the Pacific North West, but today we get sunshine and temps in the 40s. It seemed a good day for a walk on the beach through the woods, past the beaver dam, and down to the beach. This little walk comes out at the Roads End wayside.

Some folks were feeding the seagulls there, tisk, sigh. Don't want to get too close to that. Not that I have anything against seagulls but that's too many in one spot. When they fly overhead the odds are greater of getting shat-upon. I actually like the varmints myself. Enjoy watching them fly. I read the story "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" about 40 years ago. Also like the Neal Diamond recording and the movie.

Down to the beach a few feet to the left of the parking lot is a rocky area where the storms have washed some of the sand away leaving the rock. Amongst the rocks is where agates can be found. I only found a few small ones this time. Need another good storm or two. In the winter the storms wash a lot of the sand out to sea or someplace and leave some rocky areas where the agates hide.