Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking at different Linux Desktop Environments.

Linux OS has more than one DE (desktop environment). The first time I used Linux it came with the Gnome DE. That was nice but I eventually discovered KDE (The K Desktop Environment). After trying Gnome and several others KDE has become my favorite. Why do I prefer KDE over the more popular Gnome? Well, KDE seems to be more configurable. It can easily be changed in various ways to suit an individuals work habits or personal preference. I use the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, actually Kubuntu for the KDE version. After experimenting with a number of others I keep coming back to Kubuntu.
So, what's the problem? Well, as software develops, progresses and improves it always seems to use more resources whether CPU or RAM. The KDE developers have done an amazing job of keeping CPU usage under control but RAM usage is creeping up, the price of more features and goodies. Most of what I do works just fine even with the latest and greatest. But with my old Pentium 4 rig maxed at 1G RAM some sound and video editing programs start to slow down. The obvious solution would be to upgrade to a nice new Multi core CPU with lots of RAM, which I intend to do eventually. For now though I am looking at window managers that us less power such as LXDE, Fluxbox, Openbox, or maybe Enlightenment. They all have there advantages and disadvantages, not to mention the learning curve that comes with new stuff. The nice thing is that it's easy enough to install each and play with it.

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