Sunday, August 7, 2011

Diet that works

Over the years my wife has searched for a diet that will work for her while I mostly offered encouragement as I enjoyed my beer and chips kind of eating. I learned from childhood to eat my veggies so the other stuff didn't hurt too much, or so I thought.

As age started to manifest itself with increasing joint pain, fat belly, acid reflux, depression, headache, aggravated allergy, high blood pressure, well, you get the idea, it seemed time to make some changes. Cathy started the so called "Paleo diet" which includes lots of vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, poultry, nuts and some tubers. Conspicuously absent is grains, legumes and dairy. So, I figure, what the hell. All ready know I have gluten and, dairy problems. May as well try this paleo stuff.

Well, guess what. Joint pains are gone. Allergy is much better. No more headache or depression. Blood pressure is lower. Acid reflux is much better. I can now fasten the top button on my pants! I wear size 36 pants that were too small but refuse to go to size 38. Only fat dudes wear size 38.

At first it was difficult to avoid some of my old favorite foods such as breads, chips, cookies, candy and such but is well worth the effort. I had just assumed all those little maladies were a part of life. It's nice to find a dietary source of relief.
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