Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I had started an old BLOG some years ago but lost interest and sort of forgot about it. One day started to think about it and eventually found it again. Couldn't log in because it was associated with and old e-mail I had at That e-mail quit working due apparently to a problem with Firefox and MickeySoft's hotmail. I had to give up on that e-mail because I use Linux OS which won't run IE. IE sucks anyway which means hotmail is no longer acceptable. After some messing around I finally regained control of my old BLOG and started to blog there again. That BLOG will be mostly for opinions about anything I care about. Will try to keep both BLOGs active. Cyberspace can be fun but frustrating at times. Be sure to note all login and password info for any accounts you may care about later.

Lincoln City? Weather has been wet and windy this week. Tried some ocean wave videos. Maybe some can be uploaded to youtube? Will see.


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